Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Self Portrait Tuesday- SPT

This week's SPT assignment is to fill in the blanks of this sentence.

The other day, i was in my _____________, and i noticed this _______________. My only thought was, "why do i still have this hanging around my house?!?"

The other day I was in my sock drawer, and I noticed these holey socks. My only though was, "why do I still have these hanging around my house?!" I have discovered that I need to invest in new socks, considering I distinctly recall buying one pair at least 10-11 years ago. Is that gross? I can't decide. I have made it my mission these past few weeks to throw away any socks that have any resemblance of a hole in them. We live in an era where we don't have to darn socks, we can toss 'em and buy more for cheap. Thank you China and Wal-mart.
If you want to join SPT (Self Portrait Tuesday) check this blog every Friday for the following weeks challenge!


Sarah said...

2 weeks ago I finally bought new socks at Wal-Mart. They cost me $6. However, I still have not thrown away my socks with holes in them.

Wadley said...

Does the same thing go for garments?? I have a very hard time getting Mike to throw away garments. I think that we were two years married before he let me throw away his garments from his mission. I think they were 5 years old. That's gross!!

Rachael said...

So glad you joined the SPT gang!
Love the things with the socks...I do the same thing where its like, come on...I can't afford to replace something with holes all in it?

Steph y John said...

I had the same realization a few months ago-finally after a few months bought some new socks. And new socks are really wonderful-so soft, clean, and full.