Friday, February 13, 2009

12 X 12 Challenge

So Sarah gave this suggestion: "Basically on the 12th of each month, I will take 12 pictures that best capture my day. I am doing this to see the changes my life takes month to month." I thought I would give it a try, to document what day to day life is like.

So my day begins early, and since I have to drive to Henderson to work, I log alot of miles, here I am stopped after getting off the 215 and Eastern. Thankfully I love driving my Jeep, it's a smooth ride.

This is Danielle, one of my favorite patients right now. She is just a few years older than me and has had two brain surgeries to remove cancer. She is also doing chemo right now. We get along well and always have some good laughs during our sessions. She's making slow but steady progress though!

I left work early on Thursday because THIS,

Was doing THIS. It was higher earlier. He's responded well to a little medicine to bring the fever down. You can thank me later for sparing you a picture of a nasty diaper. Believe me, you're welcome.

I gave a thumbs up to Guido, he faithfully monitors the thermostat.

We did a trial run with the trains...

Which ended like this: Terribly sad...

I don't even know what to say about this. Do I just chalk it up to Jacob being a boy? He thinks it's funny when I pull his hand out of his pants, so I'm thinking I may just ignore it.

I worked a little on this project. It's a shower curtain with the letters on it. I saw the idea on another blog, to help your preK learn letters. Michael already knows his letter names, but I thought it would be fun to work on the letter sounds with it. We currently like to chose letters to stand on, but we can do games with bean bags and stuff once I get it all colored in.

On a typical day these are sitting there in the evening. But I don't have to do them because I have...

THIS! Not only is my House Elf good with small children, but he does the dishes every evening. I feel badly for those who do not have a house elf. The boys call him "Papa", little do they know his life of servitude. Someday I may give him a sock and grant his freedom,but as you can see I have a good deal going.

(Side note, if you have not read Harry Potter that comment will make no sense. If you have not read Harry Potter you are seriously behind on pop culture.)
So thank you Sarah, I look forward to doing this again next month!


Robin said...

Hi Rachel - it was good to finally meet you too. I felt like I already knew you though because Mark talks about his family a lot. It is obvious he loves you and is determined to give you your freedom to be a stay at home mommy again. He's a good guy.
I enjoyed your latest posts - I raised to two boys and loved every minute of it - I was busy but the joy they brought was immeasurable. Believe me the time goes by so fast.
Again it was good to meet you and your sweet boys.
Have a good weekend.

Amy C. said...

Rachel, I love the 12x12!! Those pictures of the boys are priceless. And you're so lucky to have a house elf - maybe he'll move in here when you're done with him!

megs said...

I loved these pictures of your life. Where can I get a house-elf? And the hand down the pants thing...Mason is only 12 months, and every chance he gets his hand is down there (baths, diaper changes). He's not skilled enough yet to get it into his pants on his own, but it's just a matter of time...boys.

Judy said...

I loved this. I would never grant him his freedom... I wish I could snag a house elf of my own. He doesn't look like he's being tortured though... he seems to be enjoying himself. I miss you... we'll take a road trip someday to come and visit.

Rachael said...

Cute post! I loved seeing what your day was like...the shower curtain thing is cute...what blog did you see it on? Do you color in the letters once they master them?
I want a house elf! But I would hide my socks forever!

Chris & Lynette said...

What a wonderful like you live! I love the shower curtain idea. Too cute. So, I definetly want in on making an apron with you and I'm sure I could find a couple others that would be interested. I know I will NEVER do it on my own!!