Thursday, January 26, 2012


Naomi (affectionately dubbed "Baby Omi" by extended family) had her 4 month well check. She checked in at 25 1/2 inches (85th percentile) and 15 lbs even (75th percentile). Right on track with my boys to be long. And she has delicious cheeks and chubs that just beg for kissing.
At 4 months she smiles to those she knows and may to strangers if they are nice and soft spoken (she already has stranger danger). She generally sleeps about 10 hours straight, more or less, with 3 pretty predictable naps each day. She never spits up, rarely cries, and is often content to just sit and hang out and play with some toys if I am otherwise occupied. She can blow excellent raspberries. She smiles at me when I suction her nose. Mommy is her favorite person and her favorite spot is snuggled under my chin. However, she really loves her daddy and brothers and I can already see her adoration for them. During Christmas season Jacob started calling her "our Christmas star" which has now turned into "our little star" since Christmas is over. They are super sweet to her and are big helpers. She quite enjoys her fists and they are constantly in her mouth now. She is truly the easiest baby. She is so fun and has such a lovely spirit about her and we constantly feel so blessed to have her in our family.

(I have been having a little fun with the Pioneer Woman edits I downloaded to my photoshop elements, I love the effect of this one called 'soft faded')

I wish I had taken a daily picture of her. I really think I could catalog 365 days of clothes and never wear the same outfit twice, since I was given/inherited so many clothes! I have 8 14gallon bins of clothes that range from newborn to 3T. It's a little ridiculous but wonderful! I make myself remember that when I am out and tempted to buy her something...though I did break down this week with Target clearance. Darn Target.

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Robin said...

She is darling. How fun it must be after two boys to be able to buy "pink". I think she looks like Michael.