Sunday, December 7, 2008

Michael turns 3!!!

Three years ago today Michael John Howard joined our family and has been making us smile ever since. Here are 3 things I love about Michael on his 3rd birthday:
1) His eyelashes- he will melt the heart of girls for years to come.
2) His intensity- sometimes it can be challenging, but it makes him who he is, and I think it will be a strength for him.
3) His ability to convince- he can make very persuasive arguments (without tantrums), and can lay out exactly how things should be in such a way that it makes you think he must be right if he put that much thought into it.
So here is to my long and lean, waffle eating, train loving, blankie-bear carrying, fast running, cookie making, snuggly sweet Michael! You are amazing!!!

Brand new baby Howard.

3 days old.

Loving the belly laugh!

Big boy wearing Mommy's glasses.


Jossie said...

Happy Birthday Michael!

Rachael said...

His eyelashes are amazing! Isn't it crazy how the things that drive us nuts about our kids will turn out to be their strengths one day!
Happy Birthday Michael!

Melissa Bell said...

Yay for Michael! It was great running into to you the other day, glad we had a chance to chat!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to Michael! He sure is a cutie, and you're right. Those eyelashes!