Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Festivities

I really wasn't on top of it for Easter this year, perhaps next year will be the year I do fun stuff for them. I didn't get around to baskets, or new church outfits like I had planned. The stuff I got for baskets I've just randomly given to them since Sunday. However, we did have a family Easter Egg hunt when my sister was visiting with her kiddos last week, so I don't feel like my boys have a Charlie Brown type life despite my lack of enthusiasm this year.
Michael sat down and immediately started eating the chocolate in the first egg he found, but Jacob got the hang of it, I think only because he didn't realize what was in them initially.
I am an aunt to these crazy kids and I adore them all!

I made these hooded bath towels for them, I had intended to do something more fun to embellish them but didn't get around to it, but the towels are great, cover the head and reach the ankles! They are really quite easy to make, and I only broke one needle on the sewing machine!

We spend Sunday afternoon at the park for a BBQ with Mark's family and I pulled out another part of what was to be in their easter baskets- little kites, only about 4 inches in diameter with a really long tail and they flew great!
Jacob and Daddy.
Jacob's kite flying high. What is it about the feeling of being in control of a kite?

Michael was far too busy playing with his cousin AJ that is 9 months older to have the patience for a kite. He had more fun playing cricket...
and soccer with big cousin Cody (soon to be on a mission) and little cousin AJ...
and what is he doing on the ground?
One guess- TRAIN! What more can I say? Trains will follow us because they are always near and dear to his heart.

It was kind of a weird Easter because I feel like we didn't get to focus on Christ and the resurrection like we should. But it looks like Michael remembered what he learned on Sunday because he was playing with his paper Jesus and tomb today, that he got in Sunbeam class on Sunday, and he was remembering the story pretty well. But in the story Jesus doesn't die, he just "needs a rest" according to Michael. Seems like an appropriate assumption at the age of 3.


Rachael said...

When Eli brought that home from Primary he told us the story and pulled Jesus through the door and told us about his 'owies' on his hands and feet...I got all teary eyed, amazed that he knew it. I think we are so lucky to have Brittney for a teacher!
I don't think your kids will ever notice or care their towels don't have embellishments on them! Its only us as parents who care!

Judy said...

Your kids look like they enjoyed every minute of your Easter. You are a great mom. I love the towels!

Robin said...

Mark isn't paying attention - he's blogging during class.


The McArthur Family said...

Rachel, we love your easter posting. Its great to see that everyone is doing well. I think that Sydney got your kid's easter baskets. She got 4. Melissa has all this energy for easter this year and was really pumped up about the whole thing. I completely understand about Micheal hitting the wall past nap time. Melissa sends her love. And if she could, Sydney would send goldfish (the crackers, since that is the 5th food group).