Sunday, August 23, 2009

Howard Happenings

We have been semibusy lately and enjoying the end of summer. The boys always make life interesting and these are a few of the things we have done in past week or so:
A trip to the Silver Mesa pool with the cousins, or as Michael calls them "my girls", isn't Ella so cute?

We went to Giana DeMarco's baby blessing and she slept right through Jacob loving on her.

Then we said goodbye to Cody this week for the next two years. He flew out Thursday and is now in Ghana at the MTC there. Michael will miss him, he is a fantastic big cousin!

My sunflowers started blooming, thanks to my dad of course, he keeps the plants alive for me. But they make me happy and they are growing tall to help cover the hideous block walls we have here in Vegas for fencing.

This is one of my favorites! Jacob with his Golden Egg. After viewing an episode of Super Why with the story of the goose that lays the golden eggs, Mark said that the boys convinced him that they needed golden eggs, so what does my wonderful husband do? He makes hardboiled eggs and then dyes them with the boys so that they can have a golden egg! Can't tell you how much I love that he did that for them!

And yesterday was a very exciting day. They started by playing doctor/dentist on a doll- by the end of it she had been nut cracked, potato mashed, minced, cherry pitted, basted and a myriad of other kitchen items were used to bring her back to life. I loved the imagination of it all though and they were both very serious about the task.

Then they made a slide out of their water table. I'm thinking I need a playset. This seems a tad unsafe.

We made a trip to Bass Pro Shops which is an outdoorsmens paradise! Plus they have all sorts of taxidermied animals that are fun to see, as well as fish tanks and a stream with trout running through the store. Here they are testing out the 4 wheelers.

This last one is a testament to the desert rats we are raising. The weather has cooled to the 90's this weekend and we actually got a little rain, which I love. Love everything about rain actually, especially in the desert because it is such a reprieve. But I digress. My desert boys insisted that they needed hats and jackets eventhough it was still at least 90 degrees and no rain had fallen yet. But at least they were prepared. They look like such nerds, they crack me up!

So that is about it for us. Looking forward to the start of fall and everything that comes with it. Michael was asking if we could put up spiders today (my halloween decorations) but we aren't quite there yet, though I was impressed with his memory. I lit a fall candle today and love how the scent makes me think of cooler weather and holidays to come. No doubt it will all come soon enough!


The McArthur Family said...

Definitely let us know when you're in town! We would love to see you!!!

The Muries said...

Looks like you guys have been having tons of fun! I am glad you remember to take the camera I often forget and am sad about that. My boys needed golden eggs after that super why too!

Rachael said...

Eli did the same thing on Friday morning...went outside-said he could smell rain so went to get his jacket. Pathetic! I can't wait for the cooler weather either!
Looks like you guys have been having fun!

megs said...

I love the picture of them playing doctor!

bloodfamily said...

Man we love Bass Pro but we can never get out of there is a short period of time. We are there for hours. I think your kids look cute in their hats.

Sarah said...

I needed this weekends cooler weather to get me through the next month of hotness. I love the golden eggs!

Brooke Low said...

My boys always loved going to Bass Pro shops. Can you imagine a summer without swimming outside? These poor kids who are raised in Alaska! Good luck with receiving cooler weather!