Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday Eclipse

So Mark got us on track for viewing the eclipse, despite the fact he'd worked a 12 hour shift the night before and then had to teach for a ward conference, he pulled himself back out of bed after only 3 hours of sleep to make a memory with the boys.  That's just one of the things I love about Mark.
Naomi and I got in on the action, and yes, she's waving!

Mark pulled out the special lenses for viewing, boys had fun checking the progress.

We had 2 of them, foresight on Mark's part when he got them so long ago.

The coolest part was as there was just a sliver of sun showing, it caused shadows to become distorted, Mark's hand was actually spread wide with 5 fingers.

And the coolest effect was on the shadows cast through the trees, lots of eclipse shadows as the sunlight filtered though the tree.
So keep on your calendars June 5th, when Venus passes in front of the sun and you can see a black dot in the sun from it, happens only once every 128 years!


Robin said...

Hey, we had an eclipse here in Idaho too - how amazing. :0) I wish I would have known about the shadow thing - I never heard about that before. Thanks for the heads up on June 5th - I'd like to see that too.

P.S. Your kids are so adorable.

Rachael said...

Very cool!!!