Monday, July 16, 2012


So Mark's mom (AKA GrandmaLeuca) has had a lot of health problems these past few months and has spent considerable time in the hospital since Easter.  A lot of time actually.  This was all new for us, since prior to that she has always been so healthy.  So here are a few pics of how life has changed!
A visit to Summerlin Rehab back in May (towards the end of nearly 2 months in the hospital).  Boys are geared up because she was on contact precautions.
Michael made this card for her for her birthday.  So sweet but makes me sad because he drew her in a bed.  Given their ages, her failing health will be how they remember her. 
She can no longer live independently, so Mark and his siblings (who all live in Vegas) are taking turns caring for her.  It's a hard thing, but good too.  We got a turn this week, and it was good for us and the kids to learn to give service to her. 
I made this bag for her walker, so she can carry all her essentials.  I think she'll be the most styling lady at the doctor's office! 

So that's kind of where all our thoughts and energies have been directed lately.  Summer is halfway over and we have done very little on our bucket list.  But we sure love our little family and feel so blessed.


Sarah said...

So sorry you are all going through this hard time. I am sure she feels so lucky to have such a wonderful family to take care of her.

Rachael said...

You are so creative to make a bag like that for her!! I need to have you over to swim so we can get that marked off your bucket list!!!