Monday, March 23, 2009

Extreme Home Fun

So last monday Mark was able to take the boys to the Extreme Home Makeover that was here in town. Our brother-in-law, Jeff, builds custom homes with Wright construction, so he was heavily involved in the process. Since he was a bigwig (as evidenced by the black shirts, green shirts are families of bigwigs and blue shirts are the workers), Mark was able to take the boys to the VIP tent and watch them work and eat catered food- does it get better than that? I was working so I didn't get in on the fun. They got to see big machines, Ty Pennington, and all the people hard at work. The next day after these pictures the family came home- so good work Jeff and the EHM team!
The boys thought the best part was riding the little bus to the jobsite.
They love their construction equipment- Jacob says "bater" for excavator.
The VIP tent.
Hanging out with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Meisha.
It's almost done!

The boys had a good time and Mark had fun taking them. Mark said that Ty looks the same as he does on the show, but he didn't have a megaphone. And he said the food was really good in the VIP tent, but he complained that there was no place to change Jacob's diaper, so he ended up grabbing a moving blanket and taking him between two houses- oh the troubles of a Mr Mom.


Judy said...

That looks like so much fun. Mark is a good dad. The catered food might have swayed me into taking the day off :) I wish I was kidding.

Rachael said...

I wonder how the neighbors feel about a different house in the middle of the neighborhood! I am so jealous that they got to go!

Melissa Bell said...

I have seen the signs around for this and was wondering what the house looks like. Amazing. I would be very jealous if I were one of the neighbors! What a unique thing to experience.

Jossie said...

I'm super jealous that Mark got to see Ty. Karl worked on the house too and so I went and was a 'spectator' for like a whole 15 minutes. No catered food for me though :-(

Sarah said...

What VIP treatment. I am always a fan of free food. What a cool experience.

Chris & Lynette said...

How cool! What a fun Daddy/Son thing to do.