Sunday, April 18, 2010

This and That

Life has been chugging along at our house, not much new to report, but here are a few highlights from the last month:
The hollyhocks are blooming and bring a little beauty to an otherwise ugly block wall. The tomato plants are starting to put off little tomatoes and we are hopeful for another good crop like last year.

T-ball started, Michael loves going to practice but was a bit put out on game day. We made it through the first game and I still think he's adorable.

The boys have been sick, started with Jacob on the day of the fair and then Michael the following day, here is Jacob on the way home. His croup comes back easily, so he did his best, but he reached his limit at the fair and refused to enjoy any rides- didn't even want to ride the pony. But that's okay, saved us money! Michael on the other hand, enjoyed all the rides. After 4-5 days of fevers and coughs, we took them to the doctor and got steroids and albuterol breathing treatments and they are much better now.

The boys both enjoyed the animal exhibits best, with the piglets, the beautiful roosters and cute rabbits.

Easter was all right, Jacob had been sick that weekend too. But the bunny brought small baskets with a new book and new gardening tools, here they are sporting their new gear. I didn't feel like we got to teach the boys about the resurrection as much as we wanted, but Michael does like to tell the story with the pictures they colored in primary, so I guess that is a place to start.

I am still working 3 days a week and Mark is doing good at the hospital. He likes his job and is getting better and better at it. The next 6 months he will be working on getting his certifications so that he can start training in the NICU and work in Pediatrics more. He really likes those two areas. Otherwise, he seems to prefer trauma unit.
Time keeps flying by, I'm just trying to stay afloat and not forget to enjoy life.


megs said...

Love the hollyhocks! I think the resurrection is a difficult subject to teach little kids. Bree gets all sad when I say that Jesus died, but gets really excited when I say He came back to life. I usually skim quickly over the crucifixion part, and for good reason. She obviously had an in-depth lesson on it two Sundays ago, and tried to reenact it with her Barbie (she was telling me all the details about where the nails go on your hands, wrists, and feet, and then they "nail you to the crust"). That spurred another lesson to clear things up a little. Primary teachers are awesome, but seriously. She's four.

Rachael said...

I loved the pictures they drew in Primary too and was amazed at Eli's memory to tell us exactly what happened!
Pretty hollyhocks!