Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blessing Day

We had Naomi's blessing this month.  It was so wonderful to have so much family here to love Naomi on her special day- we had about 40 people at our house for lunch after church that day. Sometimes living near family is a blessing (other times you want to throttle some of them but on this day it was a blessing).

So here is our little family (I love that Mark bought a new purple tie for the occasion, he wanted something representative of having a daughter):

All the Howard Clan (all of Mark's family lives in town):
All the Boston Clan (that live in town):
Sweet baby Naomi (or Baby Omi as my niece calls her):
Here is some detail of the dress I made (with some help from my mom), I love how it turned out!  I have never made anything that detailed before, so it's definitely a boost for my sewing confidence.

My mom made the quilt that she is on and I adore it!  (It's tradition for her to make a quilt for each baby.)
Naomi is such a sweet, gentle spirit and we are so very blessed to have her as part of our family.  I am amazed everytime I look at her.


Rachael said...

Her dress is AMAZING!!!! I love it! She is beautiful as well! Great job on the making of both of them! :)

Sarah said...

I love her dress. You are amazing!